Are you struggling with how to select and train the best franchisee candidates?

Would you like to find a way to do it accurately... with results in your hand... within seconds?

Let me show you how you can effortlessly improve your franchisee success rates with the FranchiZe Profile™.

Fred Berni

Hi! I'm Fred Berni, president of Dynamic Performance Systems Inc., developers of the FranchiZe Profile, a unique franchisee selection and training tool for retail franchises. One that actually predicts how well a franchise candidate will eventually perform and provides you with insight on what training is needed to make your franchise candidate successful.

I know that you've likely tried various methods of improving your franchisee selection and training processes. You've probably looked at personality profiles. You've looked at matching the candidate to your culture. You've attempted to match previous experience with your business. If you're like other franchisors, you've found that none of this has helped. None of it has worked.

Job-specific behaviors are the best predictors of franchisee performance

Our research has proven that job-specific behaviors - not personality - are the best predictors of franchisee performance. Situational judgement and behaviors, not personality - drive results. By measuring situational judgement and behaviors, the FranchiZe Profile has an incredible minimum 91% accuracy when predicting if a candidate will perform in the top 25% of franchisees in your system!

A recent validation study done by an independent, world-renowned consulting firm, demonstrated that, on one of the FranchiZe Profile dimensions, every 1 point increase in a franchisee's score corresponded to an estimated increase of over $19,500 in outlet sales. Another recent study found that there was a $15,675 increase in annual sales for every single point increase on another dimension!

Can you achieve similar results?

Yes! By measuring the 7 critical situational judgement and job-specific behaviors that all successful franchisees have in common.

Have you ever known a "nice guy" that, no matter what you do, just can't succeed as a franchisee? The "nice guy" part is the individual's personality. The actual "succeeding as a franchisee" part is what the FranchiZe Profile measures.

The only franchisee selection tool proven to predict performance

All areas you know are critical to franchisee success in a retail environment. That's exactly why the FranchiZe Profile measures these seven critical areas. It's the only selection tool designed right from the start to predict performance of franchisees.

"Unlike a typical "personality profile", The FranchiZe Profile approaches success from a different perspective. He zeroes in on what behaviors and attitudes make franchisees successful." ... Dr. John P. Hayes

We realize that turning away candidates with low scores is simply not an option, that’s why the FranchiZe Profile includes developmental needs… it pinpoints the weak areas that need training – areas that you can fix before they open a location!

What does each and every failure cost you?

Even if the FranchiZe Profile only told you how a candidate would perform .... you would be ahead of the game.

After all, every single franchisee failure likely costs you at least US$100,000.00! And that is only direct, out of pocket expenses.

Never mind what it costs in terms of:

  • Lost revenue
  • Potential lawsuits
  • Unflattering media exposure.

And that's only the beginning. Every candidate is trusting you to make the right decision....they're investing a significant sum in your business. In many case, their entire life's savings.

"We use the FranchiZe Profile to help gain better insight into the strengths and weaknesses of candidates we are considering as franchisees. The FranchiZe Profile has been a great tool for Auntie Anne's in helping us to properly evaluate the proper fit for a franchise candidate with our business model and expectations. We worked with Fred to customize the FranchiZe Profile to have an even better evaluation tool to use in the screening process, and later in helping to identify areas that may require enhanced focus during training." ... Mike McCoy, Auntie Anne's Inc.

Because we believe that the more information you and your candidates have, the greater the chance is of their eventual success. That's why each report focuses on franchisee success in 5 easy-to-read, easy-to-use sections:

  1. Performance predictions
  2. Selection Considerations
  3. Developmental Needs
  4. Interviewing Workbook
  5. Candidate Feedback Mini Report

Sounds good, but what's the catch?

If you're like other franchisors, you're probably thinking: "Sounds good, but what's the catch?" Quite simply, there isn't one.

We've been working with franchisors since 1988. So we have a pretty good idea what franchisors are looking for.... and how they prefer to operate. That's why we won't ask you to sign a contract, enter into a long-term agreement, or pay any money up front once you decide to use the FranchiZe Profile.

"We were able to sell 187 franchises as a start-up without proven centers, and the FranchiZe Profile was a key part in our 7 stage franchise awarding process." ... Tom Matzen

We know that once you start using the FranchiZe Profile, you'll continue .... because it predicts performance, not because you are locked into a contract. If at any time you decide you no longer wish to use the FranchiZe Profile, you stop using it. Simple as that.

  • No penalties.
  • No contracts or buy outs.
  • No hassle. Ever.

Plus, any time you have a question about the profile, pick up the telephone and call me personally on our toll free number or e-mail me with your questions. All consultations are at no extra charge!

Additional Performance Predictors

Fast Food Restaurant Staff

Given the reality of the business world, it's sometimes necessary to hire someone because you need a "warm body". You have to accept that fact. But you don't have to accept that it's inevitable that it's "just the cost of doing business".

Child Caregivers

By predicting the performance of your caregiver candidates you'll cut down on your caregiver turnover simply by ONLY hiring people that have what it takes to be good at the job. And as you've probably learned over the years, looking at past experience really can't tell you if the candidate is any good at the job.