Franchisee Selection

I know that you've likely tried various methods of improving your franchisee selection and training processes. You've probably looked at personality profiles. You've looked at matching the candidate to your culture. You've attempted to match previous experience with your business. If you're like other franchisors, you've found that none of this has helped. None of it has worked.

Fast Food Restaurant Staff

Given the reality of the business world, it's sometimes necessary to hire someone because you need a "warm body". You have to accept that fact. But you don't have to accept that it's inevitable that it's "just the cost of doing business".

Child Caregivers

By predicting the performance of your caregiver candidates you'll cut down on your caregiver turnover simply by ONLY hiring people that have what it takes to be good at the job. And as you've probably learned over the years, looking at past experience really can't tell you if the candidate is any good at the job.

Has Your Spa Reached Its Full Potential?

It’s a question that all spa owners and managers should ask themselves. Just to keep up with the national average* your spa would have to: Increase revenue by 60%, Increase client visits by 57%, Increase your clients’ spending per visit by 57%, What’s the easiest and most cost effective way to surpass these numbers and reach your spa’s full potential? Hire employees that have the potential to grow your spa! Great employees can help your spa reach its full potential, whereas bad hires can be the ruin of your business.