Has Your Spa Reached Its Full Potential?

Has Your Spa Reached Its Full Potential?

5-easy-steps-article.jpgIt’s a question that all spa owners and managers should ask themselves. Just to keep up with the national average* your spa would have to:

  • Increase revenue by 60%,
  • Increase client visits by 57%,
  • Increase your clients’ spending per visit by 57%,

What’s the easiest and most cost effective way to surpass these numbers and reach your spa’s full potential?

Hire employees that have the potential to grow your spa! Great employees can help your spa reach its full potential, whereas bad hires can be the ruin of your business.

Can you identify the employees that are holding your spa back from reaching its full potential? We can, before you hire them!

When you or your manager hire employees who don’t measure up to the performance standards you’ve set, standards that your clients demand if they are to continue as your clients, you are setting your spa up for failure!

How much do employees who do “just enough to keep their jobs” cost you?

  • How much revenue is lost when your poor hire fails to sell products or services?
  • How many clients walk out of your spa when your employee is rude or unfriendly?
  • How much time and effort is wasted, trying to retrain substandard employees?
  • How much money is spent on replacing employees?
  • How much time is spent on bogus complaints from disgruntled employees?

Now more than ever, it’s important to know your sales associates consistently uphold the highest
behavior and performance standards.

Introducing the Wellness Sales Assessor from Dynamic Performance Systems

A scientifically validated** tool designed specifically for the Wellness Industry. The Wellness Sales Assessor can predict how well your potential sales associate can perform with a 95% accuracy level.

When you use the Wellness Sales Assessor to help you hire the best sales associates:

  • You or your managers can focus on client service instead of employee discipline.
  • You’ll get better employee performance which directly benefits your balance sheet.
  • Your spa will run more efficiently.
  • You’ll have happier clients. That means greater membership and product sales.
  • Reduced turnover saving you thousands of dollars per hire.

Our industry-leading software scientifically validated to accurately predict performance of spa sales associates in 5 critical job categories.

Accurately Predicts Employee Performance Prior To Hiring

Unlike most assessment tools which only measure personality, the Wellness Sales Assessor accurately forecasts performance and job-specific behaviors that predict success for the sales associate positions you are seeking to fill. It predicts whether your sales associate candidate will:

  • Sell proactively to increase your revenue per visit.
  • Meet their sales goals.
  • Be friendly and polite to clients and prospects for that all important word of mouth.
  • Be thorough and organized to help your business run smoothly and efficiently.

Start immediately. No Complicated Set Up.

  • Set up in 5 minutes – no complicated software to learn.
  • Submit unlimited applications during your free trial.
  • Assessments returned in minutes by email or long in to your account
  • Guaranteed private, 100% secure.
  • No credit card required to start, no obligation to continue – cancel anytime.

In less than 5 minutes, you can begin solving your hiring headaches forever. Just fill out this form

* Page 18, 2013 ISPA Spa Industry Study

** The Wellness Sales Assessor has been scientifically validated by the Waterloo Organizational Research and Consulting (WORC) Group at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada — recognized worldwide for their research in organizational excellence.

The Wellness Sales Assessor could the best investment you've ever made. Don't wait another minute to put it to work for you. Just give us a call at 800-719-9993 or 416-201-0202 or click here to schedule a demo today.