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By making your franchisee selection process more predictive. No matter how many candidates you have in your pipeline. And how do you do that? By using the Dynamic Performance franchisee selection process.

Each report is chockful of important information you need. Here’s a screenshot of just one of the eight pages of predictions in the FranchiZe Predictor:

FranchiZe Predictor predictions page

Pretty impressive, isn’t it? Can you imagine the positive impact having this plus another 7-pages chock-full-of predictions about your candidate?

Here's a quick 3-minute video that summarizes our predictive franchisee assessment system:

Fred Berni - CEO of Dynamic Performance Systems
Fred Berni

I’ve been working with franchisors since 1988, helping large franchisors streamline their selection process to become more efficient.

I’ve also helped small franchisors and start on their journey from having less then 100 locations growing to have thousands of successful franchisees.


Here’s what independent researchers say about the FranchiZe Predictor:


Mehrdad Derayeh, PhD.

Author of "Predicting Performance in Retail and Service Settings: Contributions of Managers' Psychological Orientations to Franchise Success".
"In a recent study we learned that nearly $20,000 of increased sales could be expected of franchisees for each one-point increase in their overall Predictor scores. Another recent study found that there was a $15,675 increase in annual sales for every single point increase on another scale."


Dr. John Michela, PhD..

Lead and Founding Director of Waterloo Organizational Research and Consulting Group (WORC Group), University of Waterloo, formerly a tenured associate professor at Columbia University
"In one of the studies of the FranchiZe Predictor's reliability, it was found that when the FranchiZe Predictor classified a franchisee as being in the top 25%, more than 90% of franchisees performing in the top 25% had similar scores.


Performance stats are considered top secret
My big clients don’t allow me to “showcase ” their “stats” publicly because they consider their use of our services a competitive advantage. The most they can provide is generic testimonials like these….
"The FranchiZe Predictor takes the guesswork out of awarding franchises. With this system we have an assessment tool that is grounded in science, not pop psychology."
Keith Gerson
President of Franchise Operations
"When it comes to understanding behaviors, attitudes and beliefs as they relate to succeeding in a business, Fred Berni is the master. Unlike the typical "personality profile," Fred approaches success in business from a different perspective. He zeroes in on what behaviors and attitudes make franchisees successful."
John Hayes
John Hayes
Titus Chair for Franchise Leadership
"Fred is the "guru" of developing a matching formula for the locating the best possible candidates for a specific franchise opportunity. He is readily available to assist each franchisor with their respective needs."
John Baillon
John Baillon
VP Franchise Development


The FranchiZe Predictor is NOT a personality profile. It’s a franchisee assessment tool that was developed with franchisors based on what they define as as a successful franchise. Here are some of the differences between personality profiles and the FranchiZe Predictor:

The FranchiZe Predictor

Personality Profiles

  • Predicts

    How the candidate will perform operationally

  • Predicts

    How the candidate will perform operationally

  • Predicts

    How the candidate will perform in terms of Unit Revenue.

  • Predicts

    How the candidate will relate to Head Office

  • Accuracy

    Independent research shows FranchiZe Predictor IS accurate more than 90% when predicting whether a candidate will perform in the top 25%

  • Development

    Questions developed in id 1990s with franchisors using actual and up-to-date performance data on real franchisees.

  • More predictions

    Predicts performance in 6 additional franchisee job-specific behaviors.

  • Describes

    The candidate's personality

  • Describes

    How the candidate compares to the general population from questions developed in the 1920s (MBTI)

  • Myers-Briggs

    On their site at www.myersbriggs.org/my-mbti-personality-type/hiring-an-mbti-consultant/guidelines-for-hiring-an-outside-consultant.htm - Item 4 specifialyy states "It is not ethical to use the MBTI instrument for hiring."

  • DiSC

    The DiSC styles are not designed to be a typology, in which respondents are described as one of four “types.” See "DiSC Classic Validation Report" page 3.

  • DiSC

    Nevertheless, respondents are encouraged to personalize the feedback by deleting or questioning those parts of the feedback that don’t resonate with their self-concept or experience.Page 3 "Disc Classic Validation Report."

Introduced to the market in early 1997, the FranchiZe Predictor captured the attention of the franchise community. Now, hundreds of franchisors around the world routinely count on the Dynamic Performance FranchiZe Predictor to help them select, and train great franchisees.

Articles about Dynamic Performance Systems and the FranchiZe Profile have appeared in such publications as: 

  • The CBC television program "Venture" chronicling the drama of business.
  • Canada Franchise Guide, First and second editions - commentary, checklists and statutory requirements Frank Zaid - legal commentary, checklists and statutory requirements of franchising in Canada
  • Featured in the weekly column "ask an expert" in USA Today
  • Featured in Chapter 15 of "The Small Business Bible: Everything You Need to Know to Success in Your Small Business" by Steven Strauss
  • In the book "Opportunity Knocks" (the Truth About Canada's Franchise Industry)
  • The article "Three Main Reasons Why People Buy Franchises - Don't Fool Yourself, They Include Your Reasons Too!" by Dr. John P. Hayes
  • Numerous times in the IFA's Franchising World magazine
  • Franchise catalogue of Greece
  • Micro Franchising – The Indian Scenario - Dr. Rachna Saxena and Kinshuk Sinha - Global Journal of Management and Business Studies. ISSN 2248-9878 Volume 3, Number 11 (2013), pp.1279-1284
  • Franchise Times magazine
  • Franchise New Zealand magazine
  • International Franchising magazine
  • Successful Franchising magazine
  • Franchise Voice – Canadian Franchise Association's Newsletter
  • The Globe and Mail – Canada's National Newspaper
  • The Hamilton Spectator newspaper
  • The H R Reporter magazine
  • Footwear Forum magazine

But I’m not a salesperson, I honestly hate sales more than anything else. I’m a problem solver… a math guy… I’m an analyst… which is why I took down most of my consulting lead forms.

I like focusing on what I am good at and only that, which is: helping both franchisors and franchisees make the right decision

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