Stop Using Personality Profiles
If You Want To....

Destroy Your Competition


The easiest way to crush your competition is through your people. Whether they’re employees or franchisees.

Too bad “personality profiles” only tell you part of the story. The part that’s missing is predicting performance of applicants.

For Your Business To Grow, Performance is King

Would you rather go to a restaurant that serves great food but has terrible service. Things like:

  • Get cold food.
  • Get the wrong order.
  • Are treated poorly by the wait-staff?
Question mark

Would you prefer a restaurant with slightly lower quality food but you know you’ll:

  • Get served quickly and efficiently,
  • Always get exactly what you order,
  • Deal with staff that treat you with respect in a happy environment

If you’re like me, you’ll choose the 2nd restaurant every time..

It’s not always about your service or product

But you can be sure that no matter what you sell, your people have the biggest impact on your business success.

Our job is to help you grow your business by helping you with the people part of your business. Helping you get the the right people into your business. Those that will high performers.

“Help you get high or top performers.”…  A cliche that everyone selling franchisee and employee selection “personality profiles” spouts. But in our case, we do it and can back it up with independent 3rd party reseach.

Here’s why we treat every job or career differently

Every job or career needs different job-specific behaviors

Just like you, we understand that candidates need different attitudes, beliefs and skill sets depending on their role. For instance, just because someone is a top performer when serving customers it won’t make the a good Manger. Each job has a completely different set personality traits, behaviors and situational judgment needs.

A franchisee is even more different. They’re running their own business while still working with the franchisor. They’re running their own busines. But they still need to be able to follow the franchisor’s system.
When your bringing people on board, you need to keep these differences in mind.
And it’s more than personality. like I’ve been told so many times over that past 30+ years… “It’s great to know someone’s personality, but there’s something missing. If you take our top 10 performers, each of them has a different personality.”
If you don’t want to grow your business…  If all you want a way to bring an average employee or franchisee on board to just fill an opening…   If all you’re interested in is mediocrity, then our performance predictors are not for you.
If you want to crush your competition, the only way to do that is focusing on the performance potential of your candidates.
Doing business our way will put you squarely on the side of the U.S. Supreme Court. Here’s a couple of their rulings…
Judge ruling about an unsuitable franchise candidate wanting to buy a franchisee
In “Griggs v. Duke Power Co.”, case in which the U.S. Supreme Court, in a unanimous decision on March 8, 1971, held that  the court held that Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act requires employers to promote and hire based on a person’s ability to perform the job, not an abstract evaluation of the person’s credentials. The ruling effectively forbids employers from using arbitrary tests—such as those for measuring IQ or literacy—to evaluate an employee or a potential employee”, to clarify “employment tests must be “related to job performance.”

Here’s another one.

Lewis v. Chicago” (2010) where the Supreme Court ruled  that employment practices that causea disparate impact are forbidden unless the employer can show that the selection practice is job-related and “consistent with business necessity”.

Our Performance Predictors Are A Must For You If You...


Are tired of franchisees and employees that don’t measure up to your standards


Want to reduce franchisee and employee turnover


Want your “Customer Satisfaction” scores to increase dramatically by improving your front-line customer experience


Are tired of using personalities profiles that focus on “team building” at the expense of performance

Our Performance Predictors Are NOT Right For You If You...


Don’t care about performance of your people


Are only concerned about personality


Aren’t interested in higher sales and bigger profits


Don’t care if what you’re doing doesn’t meet the U.S. Supreme Court hiring practices


No. We prefer to earn your business every day so there's:

  • No contract to sign,
  • No monthly/yearly fees and,
  • No setup fees.

Your assessment report is emailed in seconds to anyone you designate (unlimited) to get reports automatically.

  • We can have you up and running within an hour.
  • Since it's web-based there's no software to install or keep updated.

Each of our clients get unlimited personal support by telephone or email at no charge.

Job-Specific Performance Predicting Assessments

FranchiZe Predictor - predicting performance with 93+% accuracy
FranchiZe Predictor - predicting performance with 93+% accuracy
Dynamic Franchisee Assessor - the 1st hurdle all candidates need to pass
Dynamic Franchisee Assessor - the 1st hurdle all candidates need to pass
Child CareGivers including Teachers and Assistant Teachers Predicting Performance with 83% Accuracy
Child CareGivers including Teachers and Assistant Teachers Predicting Performance with 83% Accuracy

How We Work

I’m not a salesperson. In fact, I hate sales more than anything else. I’m a problem solver… an analyst… which is why I took down most of my consulting lead forms.I like focusing on what I am good at and only that, which is helping companies make the right decisions.

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