A Cloud or A Silver Lining?

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Cloud or silver lining

Over the years, we’ve all heard claims that having a positive attitude will help you become successful. Although I’ve always been a strong believer of this statement, I had never seen or heard any data backing it up. That is, until we did our own research into what it takes to be successful as a franchisee.

What we learned is that positive attitude truly does have a huge role in the success or failure of a franchisee. In fact, when we compared scores on our positive attitude scale with success, the numbers told us that it accounted for 57% of the ability to predict sales per unit.

When our independent researchers did follow-up studies on the effectiveness of our FranchiZe Predictor, they found that there was a $15,675 increase in annual sales for every single point increase in our 100 point “Positive Attitude for Success” scale.

We all know people who have all the opportunity in the world with a poor attitude and a tendency to always see the clouds rather than the silver lining. Not surprisingly, reality ends up matching their expectations and they do poorly. And guess who they blame for their failure? Anyone except for themselves.

I’ve got a few stories I could share about people like that, but I’d bet you do too. Remember how you felt around them? Did you feel like all your positivity was being sucked out of you? I can only describe the feelings of being around them as “toxic”. Customers feel the same way, so it’s no wonder that negative attitude leads to failure.

Then you get the exact opposite type of person. Someone that has such a positive outlook on life that nothing holds them back. They’re the people that only see the glass as half full. They absolutely refuse to acknowledge any negatives in life. Sales are down? No problem, they’ll be back up soon. Having a “cash-crunch”? That’s O.K. It’s only temporary.

Just look at what Oprah Winfrey has done. She’s gone from living in poverty in Mississippi to being worth $2.9 billion. She credits her success with the belief that she will be successful – “When I look into the future, it’s so bright it burns my eyes”. She feels so strongly about it that she devotes Sunday’s programming on her television network to belief. Her “Super Soul Sunday” programming is all about having faith and belief. Just other terms for having a positive attitude.

Think back over all the contacts you’ve had over the years with successful people. How many of them were successful despite having a negative attitude? If you’re like me, every single person that you know that became successful, got there while having a positive attitude. Negativity and success are mutually exclusive.

Do yourself, your co-workers and your customers a favor. Next time you’re interviewing for any position, take a moment and think back to how you felt when dealing with a negative person. Do you want to bring someone that breeds a “toxic” environment into your franchise or other place of business?

And now you know why we measure positive/negative attitude in our FranchiZe Predictor. We hate negativity. It’s anathema to success in all aspects of life. And it’s proven to have a dramatic impact on the bottom line.

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