Dynamic Performance Systems

Skills Backed By Years of Experience

Fred Berni founded Dynamic Performance Systems Inc. in 1988 to distribute a line of personality profiles.

After several years of working with local franchisors, Mr. Berni saw that although personality profiles worked very well for team-building, they have little ability for predicting performance of franchisees.

He set the Waterloo Organizational Research and Consulting (WORC) Group at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada — recognized worldwide for their research in organizational excellence – loose on the problem. The goal? Identifying the characteristics common to successful franchisees. The result was the FranchiZe Profile (predecessor of the FranchiZe Predictor system) and its ability to predict performance of franchise candidates.

Introduced to the market in early 1997, the FranchiZe Profile captured the attention of the franchise community. Now, hundreds of franchisors around the world routinely count on the Dynamic Performance FranchiZe Predictor to help them select, and train great franchisees.

Why We Love What We Do

Over the years, too many franchisors have imploded and too many franchisees have lost their life savings for one simple reason; franchise locations were sold to people not suited for life as a franchisee.

By bringing the FranchiZe Predictor system to franchisors, we feel we’re helping others achieve their dreams. And that’s never a bad thing.

Fred Berni, CEO, Dynamic Performance Systems. Franchisee Selection Specialist

Fred, CEO

Fred Berni is our CEO and Founder. He's been helping companies select the best franchisees and employees since 1988.In collaboration with a team of experts, including an Associate Professor of Psychology at a local university, he's developed a line of innovative products to help others succeed. Some of his accomplishments include developing tools that predict the performance of franchisees, fast-food restaurant employees, employees in a service environment, membership sales associates for the spa industry and others

Jill, Operations

Jill is our Chief Operating Officer and is a customer service expert. She has over 30 years of sales experience, both in a service/retail environment and in industrial sales. She also brings to the table a grounding in all aspects of business. She has worked in a variety of positions – from clerical, warehouse to sales to operations. Jill has a keen knowledge of what makes a company the best it can be and is a great asset to Dynamic Performance Systems Inc. as well as our clients.