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Recently, there have been several discussions on LinkedIn, (including ones I’ve started,) talking about what it takes to be a good manager. Although some posts have mentioned that managers need to be leaders, I haven’t seen leadership defined.

Here’s what I think makes a great leader:

  • Great leaders know that their staff and their customers are equally important. Leaders understand that one of the most important assets an organization has are the people that actually get down into the trenches and do the work. These are the people that need to be listened to. Talked to. Respected. Empowered. They can make or break any organization.
  • Great leaders have an unerring sense that whatever they hope to accomplish, they can. They have a truly positive outlook on the outcome of their endeavors. They know that their success is not due to chance. Rather, it is the result of believing that if they are prepared, they find themselves “in the right place at the right time” to be successful.

That’s not to say they don’t consider the possibility of failure. They do. But instead of dwelling on failure, they take the steps needed to reduce the risk to an acceptable level. Once that is done, they know that they will be successful.

  • Great leaders have a natural ability to work in a team. But they also love the opportunity to put their own stamp on things. No cookie cutter organizations here. At the same time, great leaders build on what has already been successful in the past. They don’t change what works well.
  • Great leaders have tremendous levels of drive. When something needs to be done, they don’t quit until the job is done. They set a great example to their employees. They’re not always taking time off for some non-essential task. Or sitting in the back office with their feet up on the desk expecting others to do the work because “I’m the boss and you’re the worker”. They’re working. And more important, their staff sees that they are working. The phrase “leading by example” is so true.
  • Great leaders never stop trying to sell their ideas to others. They are enthusiastic about their ideas and believe strongly that whatever they are proposing is for the ultimate good of the company.
  • Great leaders are comfortable dealing with others. That’s not to say that they are especially gregarious, but they can handle dealing with a lot of different people on a daily basis. Introverts don’t make good leaders. It’s pretty tough to follow a leader that is, for all practical purposes, “invisible”.
  • Great leaders don’t just talk about how to treat customers, they demonstrate the best way to handle customer concerns by their actions.
  • Great leaders instill in their employees a sense of “esprit de corps”… being the best of the best. Managers who do the same will find that developing this “esprit de corps” can work wonders for their business.

This all sounds suspiciously like the characteristics and attitudes of great franchisees, doesn’t it?

As a staffer, knowing you are working for a great boss (and that’s what a great leader is after all) breeds a certain sense of loyalty. This can impact in so many ways.

  • Lower staff turnover.
  • Happier employees.
  • Less shrinkage from employee theft.

And many more ways that can make and save a company money.

And many more ways that can make and save a company money.

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Do your franchisees and managers think of themselves of leaders? Not business people. Not franchisees. Not managers. But true leaders? Great leaders? Perhaps its time they should. Great leaders make great franchisees.

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