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Are Your Franchisees Cheapskates?

I want to start off with a question –How money motivated should a franchisee be?Of course, you want to franchisee to be motivated to succeed. You want them to be profitable and the more money he or she makes, the better for everyone. But, is there line that shouldn’t be crossed?I had an experience at a fast-casual pasta and pizza restaurant a while ago that demonstrates one of the many problems that money motivated franchisees can cause.At this restaurant, the server came to take our order and my wife ordered pasta. You wouldn’t think this is a big deal, considering…


Franchisee Passion – The Ugly Truth

One thing that's on the radar screens of nearly every franchise executive is early identification of an applicant's level of passion for the business.In this video I'm going to show you what happens with franchisees that have passion and self-discipline, how others define it and how to find out if an applicant has it.https://youtu.be/Wl_javKY88AIdentifying an applicant's self-discipline will start us on the journey to make your franchisee selection process easy. So let's get right down to it.I'd like to introduce you to Karen – a franchisee of a pizza chain.Karen is up against a wall.It's 2008 and the recession has…


Avoiding the “Professional Franchise Candidate”

Have you ever wondered how a franchise candidate that seemed so promising during the selection process turned into such a nightmare?You ask yourself time and time again "How could this franchisee slip past our screening process? They had all the answers. They seemed to know what it would take to be successful."Maybe you're the victim of the dreaded "professional franchise candidate"! They know what you're looking for so well that they'll almost always slip past your screening process. How do you protect yourself from these "professional franchise candidates" (PFC)? Here's what happened to one of our clients and how they figured…


Yes! It can happen to you!

Picture yourself walking up to the lectern, cameras clicking away while reporters shout questions at you. Once again, you're having to apologize in front of the press for the misdeeds of one of your franchisees.You will try to convince the public that this is a one-time error in judgement and that your franchisee will be taking sensitivity training to address this issue. You may think that this can't happen to you. Think again.Others thought it wouldn't happen to them either.Until the headlines screamed:Franchisee beats homeless man!Franchisee throws water on homeless man in sub-zero temperatures!Store manager threatens to cut off employee's…


4 Questions You Must Ask Every Franchise Candidate

This year, in preparing to go to "cottage country" for our summer vacation, I brought our vehicle in for servicing (which included an oil change) to make certain we're all set for the trip. It's been a few years since I dealt with this service center. When I got my bill and paid it, I only checked the total because in the past, they've always been very good to me and never performed work that I didn't authorize. I had a pleasant surprise when I initially looked at the bill because it was about $40 cheaper than I had estimated.…


Imagine What A Judge Would Do

In these days of "lawsuit madness", I've lately been hearing franchisors express a concern about the possible legal ramifications of not accepting a candidate as a franchisee. The concern? The franchisor doesn't want to run the risk of being taken to court for not awarding a franchise to a candidate. Even though the candidate may be unsuitable. I can understand the concern about lawsuits. They're horrendously expensive and distract everyone from running the business. However, I think the threat of a lawsuit is given far more consideration than it deserves. If, by some weird confluence of events, a lawsuit is…


How to Make An Average Franchisee a Great One

Remember when you were in school (for me, it was the Stone-Age), and you anxiously awaited your test results from your teacher?Would the paper have a gold star, or riddled with red XXX's?Some of us are still anxious when doing a test. We're always afraid of getting the wrong answer. Afraid of failure.The fear of failure could be the reason that some franchisors are reluctant to use an assessment tool. Why refuse a candidate who has the financial wherewithal and the desire to become a franchisee?Here's the scoop - an assessment tool should never be used to pass or fail…


Can One Size Fit All?

"...personality tests are often invalid, unreliable, and unfair..." according to Annie Murphy Paul in her book titled: "The Cult of Personality - How Personality Tests Are Leading Us to Miseducate Our Children, Mismanage Our Companies, and Misunderstand Ourselves". If you've read any of my blog posts, you'll know that I agree with this statement ---- to a point. And that point is --- when used *outside the scope of their original intent*, personality profiles, and tests of any sort for that matter, are a total waste of time. In fact, I think they do more harm than good. For instance,…

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