Weed Out Bad Franchise Candidates Early

Weeding using a rake

Are You Tired Of Franchisees That...

  • Are confrontational… Fight you every step of the way… No matter what it is or how minor the change.
  • Won’t put in the effort needed.
  • Give up when times get even a little bit tough. Lack the motivation to get things done.
  • Treat you, customers and employees poorly. Are argumentative… unpleasant … bad tempered.
  • Have an issue with personal ethics. Thinks it’s acceptable to lie or cheat if they think it will help them get ahead.

Unfortunately, you’re not alone. I can’t begin to tell you how many franchisors complain of the same things. They all wonder how they let candidates like this slip into their system.

Now they’re trying to figure out ways to deal with these franchisees. But no-one wants to. And who can blame them? You know that all you’re going to get from these franchisees is grief.

That’s why we developed the Dynamic Franchisee Assessor… to get rid of your headaches before they start.


By telling you the very basics of what every needs to act.. no matter what type of franchise.

With the Dynamic Franchise Assessor You’ll Know


If your candidate will follow your system or resist your advice about how to run a successful franchise.


Will they power through the tough times?

Is the candidate:

  • Reliable.
  • Hardworking
  • Disciplined, persistent and responsible.

Are they going to treat customers, employees, or your support staff well.

Or are they going to be argumentative, unpleasant, or bad-tempered, and lacking in empathy.


Are they going to “Lie, Cheat and Steal?”

How ethical are they?


The behaviors the Dynamic Franchise Assessor is so basic that it's relevant to any franchise in any industry.

A: No. The job-specific behaviors we measure are common to every  franchise.

The Dynamic Franchisee Assessor report is emailed in seconds to anyone you designate (unlimited) to get reports automatically.


  • Once we've agreed that the Dynamic Franchisee Assessor is right for you, we can have you up and running within an hour.
  • Since it's web-based there's no software to install or keep updated.

No. We prefer to earn your business every day so there's:

  • No contract to sign,
  • No monthly/yearly fees and,
  • No setup fees.

Each of our clients get unlimited personal support by telephone, web meeting or email at no charge.

In "Griggs v. Duke Power Co.", case in which the U.S. Supreme Court, in a unanimous decision on March 8, 1971, held that  the court held that Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act requires employers to promote and hire based on a person’s ability to perform the job, not an abstract evaluation of the person’s credentials. The ruling effectively forbids employers from using arbitrary tests—such as those for measuring IQ or literacy—to evaluate an employee or a potential employee", to clarify "employment tests must be “related to job performance.”

Here's another one.

Lewis v. Chicago” (2010) where the Supreme Court ruled  that employment practices that causea disparate impact are forbidden unless the employer can show that the selection practice is job-related and “consistent with business necessity”.

How We Work

I’m not a salesperson. In fact, I hate sales more than anything else. I’m a problem solver… an analyst… which is why I took down most of my consulting lead forms.

I like focusing on what I am good at and only that, which is helping companies make the right decisions.

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