Franchisee Selection Has Never Been Easier

I’ll show you how you can lower your franchisee selection costs while getting more and better performing franchisees and minimizing turnover.

You’re looking for a way to improve franchisee selection and get better franchises. You’re hoping you can find some kind of franchisee assessment tool, a franchisee aptitude test or a personality profile that can help. Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this, would you?

Good news!

You’ve found it! The FranchiZe Predictor tells you how your candidate will perform – and it does it with 93+% accuracy. A strong claim, yes. But one I’m willing to prove it.

My job is to tell you how your candidate will perform in 3 critical areas, and tell you how your franchise candidate compares to successful franchisees in 6  major and 15 minor job-specific behaviors.

I’ll even go so far as to rank your franchise candidate in the top 15%, 25%, 35%, and so on. And do it in no uncertain language.

By the time I’me done, you’ll know if it’s worth spending your time on this candidate. Or if you should drop them and go on to another prospect.

Each report will let you know how successful your candidate will be. After that, it’s up to you.

After all, every franchise has their own unique set of “go-no go” points. Maybe you want franchisees that would perform in the top 15%. Or maybe you’ll accept franchisees that are in the top 50%. Either way, it’s your choice.

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What Independent Researchers Say

Dr. John Michela, Ph.D. Director
Dr. John Michela, Ph.D. Director Lead and Founding Director of Waterloo Organizational Research and Consulting Group (WORC Group), University of Waterloo, formerly a tenured associate professor at Columbia University
Mehrdad Derayeh, PhD.
Mehrdad Derayeh, PhD. Author of "Predicting Performance in Retail and Service Settings: Contributions of Managers' Psychological Orientations to Franchise Success".

Independently verified accuracy by the Waterloo Organizational Research and Consulting (WORC) Group at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada – recognized worldwide for their research in organizational excellence

“The FranchiZe Predictor is accurate 93+% of the time when predicting which candidate will perform in the top 25% of franchisees.

Author of “Predicting Performance in Retail and Service Settings: Contributions of Managers’ Psychological Orientations to Franchise Success”.
“In a recent study we learned that nearly $20,000 of increased sales could be expected of franchisees for each one-point increase in their overall Predictor scores. Another recent study found that there was a $15,675 increase in annual sales for every single point increase on another scale.”

With the FranchiZe Predictor You’ll Know



How your candidate compares to the top 25% of retail franchisees in 3 critical performance measures:

  1. Overall Operations
  2. Unit Revenue Sales
  3. Relationship to Head Office

How your candidate compares to top performing retail franchisees in 6 job-specific behaviors:

  1. Positive Attitude for Success
  2. Drive to Succeed
  3. Managing Employees
  4. Sales Related Activies
  5. Dealing With Customers
  6. Dealing with Others in general

What areas your franchise candidate needs additional training to help them become even more successful


Over the years, we've looked at the performance of thousands of franchisees in a retail type business and compared them to the FranchiZe Predictor scores. What our independent researchers have found is that there is actually little difference in the behaviors of successful franchisees across franchise systems

A: No. The job-specific behaviors we measure are common to virtually every retail franchise. Over the years, we've compared franchisee performance with profile scores across many different industries and have seldom found any differences that were statistically significant.

The FranchiZe Predictor report is emailed in seconds to anyone you designate (unlimited) to get reports automatically.

No. Whether or not you share the "Candidate Synopsis" with the candidate is up to you. We do recommend sharing it because it gives the candidate something which they see of value and therefore look more favorably on your franchise.

  • Once we've agreed that the FranchiZe Predictor is right for you, we can have you up and running within an hour.
  • Since it's web-based there's no software to install or keep updated.

No. We prefer to earn your business every day so there's:

  • No contract to sign,
  • No monthly/yearly fees and,
  • No setup fees.

Each of our clients get unlimited personal support by telephone or email at no charge.

Since all of our performance predictors were designed for job-specifc behaviors, they meet the criteria set out by the Supreme Court. In “Lewis v. Chicago” (2010) they ruled that employment practices that cause “a disparate impact are forbidden unless the employer can show that the selection practice is job-related and “consistent with business necessity”.

Here's How The FranchiZe Predictor Has Helped Your Fellow Franchisors Get Better Franchisees

Phil Horth
Dollond & Aitchison
September 21, 2020
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To help us identify if the profile is worth using, we've been tracking the progress of new franchisees that were placed in existing locations. We've found that the franchisees we've accepted since then have had a sales increase of 38% compared to the franchisee that was replaced.

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The FranchiZe Predictor Is A Must For You If You...


Have franchisees with retail type locations

including fast food or fast casual restaurants, general retail stores and personal services like spas, etc.


Want to reduce franchisee “churn”


Want systems-wide sales to jump dramatically over last year


Want to streamline your franchisee selection process


Want a better way of choosing franchisees


Want your “Customer Satisfaction” scores to increase dramatically by improving your front-line customer experience

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