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The PASSS III - reducing the potential for employee dishonesty and for selecting trustworthy, dependable employees.

a reliable method for reducing the potential for employee dishonesty and for selecting trustworthy, dependable employees.Dishonest employees are devastating to businesses; a Department of Commerce study revealed that one-third of employees steal from employers. All told, American businesses lose more than $200 billion annually to employee theft. This does not include additional losses caused by illegal drug use, poor work ethic, behavior problems or poor performers on the job.Employers need a reliable method for reducing the potential for employee dishonesty and for selecting trustworthy, dependable employees.The P.A.S.S. III® – (Personnel Assessment Selection System® – Drug, Alienation, Trustworthiness Attitudes®) Survey will help you hire top quality candidates and increase profits by cutting theft, reducing turnover and minimizing personnel problems. The P.A.S.S. III® Survey is an extremely valuable addition to your screening process.It is extensively validated, field proven, and has been used for more than 30 years to select retail sales associates.The Survey is not meant to be an “honesty test”. Rather, it is a character assessment that seeks to measure the relative positive and negative risk levels an applicant may pose on the job, based on the applicant’s attitudes toward various situations. It will help you uncover hidden behavior tendencies in applicants and, used in interviews , will enhance the effectiveness of your selection process and ultimately improve your bottom line.It is our belief that attitudes are measurable; that attitudes and behavior are inseparable; and that knowing an applicant’s attitude is a window into the future. In order to predict how job applicants will perform, it is necessary to find out what their attitudes are. If they have negative, alienated attitudes and if the attitudes towards trustworthiness are negative, these candidates can be potential trust risks as well as behavior problems. This simple concept of attitudes, and specifically negative, alienated attitudes being the cause of anti-social behavior has lead to the breakthrough and development of the P.A.S.S. III Survey system.The PASS III Survey™ is an untimed Survey consisting of 100 statements that evaluate 3 important job related issues:
  • Trustworthiness
  • Alienation/Work Ethic
  • Drugs & Drinking
The “PASS III Survey™” has been designed to not only measure job-related attitudes accurately, but to accomplish this mission quickly, easily and with the need and wants of test administrators in mind. Additionally, applicants will not feel intimidated because the content of the statement seeks opinions about basic and relevant issues and does not elicit admissions concerning any past behavior. At the same time, the P.A.S.S. III zeroes in on risk factors you need to know. It is the original low cost, non-invasive character attitude survey designed to evaluate your employment applicants with instant self-contained grading for immediate results and interview follow-up.
” I have been able to make extensive use of PASS III . I feel that I am getting much better utilizing the data it presents to me. It has opened windows with prospective employees not seen before. I can therefore make a more calculated hiring decision.” Gary Phillips, Hobbytown USA
With the “PASS III” you can:
  • Hire top quality applicants
  • Reduce employee turnover
  • Enhance employee morale
  • Reduce theft
  • Minimize personnel problems
  • Improve profits by reducing hiring costs

Why the “PASS III”?

  • Brevity 100 items that are answered “Yes”, “?”, or “No”.
  • Quickness Only 10-15 minutes required to complete the survey.
  • Convenient On-site, simple form.
  • Ease of Administration One large sheet, no page turning and no separate answer sheet or complicated codes.
  • Instant Scoring Can be completed on-line or offline. Using NCR-type (No Carbon Required) paper, the scoring template is simultaneously completed as the applicant completes the survey.
  • Validity & Reliability Years of research went into establishing the validity and reliability of the Survey.Reliability, validation and test development have been in compliance with U.S. federal guidelines. The Surveys are non-discriminatory, do not invade privacy, and do not require the applicant’s self-report of past wrong-doings or negative behavior.
We are truly amazed at how accurate and predictive this survey is. I have used other similar tests and none can compare with the results from the PASS III Survey. We definitely feel the quality of our workforce is mainly due to the PASS III. Mario Morini, Mario’s Giant Eagle

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