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Fast Food Restaurant Staff

Your Quick Serve Restaurant Staff Time Machine

Imagine for a moment that you are able to travel forward in time. Go ahead to a date 3 months from today. You're standing in your restaurant.... look around.... look at your staff.... notice who's still there.... notice who's gone.... notice who's contributing to your business.... notice who's dragging your business down.

Now, come back to the present. What would you say to yourself?

If you're like most QSR operators, you'd likely be thinking, "Boy, if I only knew now what I'll know then".

Now, here's a surprise. You can. In fact, you can know today what you'll know in 3 months. So easily that you'll wonder why you never took the 5 minutes it takes to add just one minor process to your selection system. One process that pays huge dividends.

What Kind Of Huge Dividends?

Let's be extremely conservative and the results of a 2000 study by Robert Pollin and Mark Brenner of hotel, retail and restaurant employees in Santa Monica, Calif., as our working number. They pegged direct turnover costs at $2,090 US for non-managerial workers who earn an average hourly wage of $7.58 US. That works out to only 13 per cent of their yearly pay of $15,766. Keep in mind this covers only the direct costs. Many other studies have shown that the actual direct costs are much higher.

Now, take into account your profit margin. How much would you have to increase your gross sales just to cover the $2090.00 in direct costs alone? And remember, the $2090.00 is an extremely conservative number! I'm sure your costs have gone up quite a bit since the year 2000 when the study was completed.

But it gets even worse. You know you're going to have more than 1 employee leave in a year. So you'll have to multiply your number by how many employees leave in a year. Quite the hit to your return on investment, isn't it?

Now, if someone offered you the opportunity to save you at least $2090.00 for every investment of your time of only 5 minutes, I bet you'd jump on the offer. Who wouldn't?

Grow Your Return On Investment Starting Today!

There's no need to wait to get started hiring top performers for your QSR restaurant.

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To get started, just call Dynamic Performance Systems at 800-719-9993 or 416-201-0202 and ask for Fred.

An Even Higher Return on Investment!

But, of course, your return on investment would be much higher when you factor in other expenses tied directly to your Gross Sales. Things like rent, royalties to your franchisor (from 7 to 8%) and your contribution to the Advertising and Marketing Fund of between 1% and 4.5%.

And we haven’t even touched on your lost revenue! Factor in how much extra revenue you'd need to make up for every customer you lose thanks to a bad experience. Once you've lost a customer to your competitors, it's very difficult to get them back.

Have Your Competition Grow Your Business Unwittingly

Now consider again how much your return on investment would grow if you didn't hire the "losers" and sent them to your competition instead. Wouldn't it be nice to have your competition unwittingly drive customer and their business your way? By hiring your rejects, that's exactly what will happen.

How Can You Do All That At The Same Time?

It's actually quite simple, Use the QSR Performance Assessor, our scientifically proven* selection system. It was developed specifically for the Quick Serve Restaurant industry using real-world QSR employees and performance data given us by their managers. Managers with years of experience in QSR restaurants. So they know what it takes to make a good QSR employee.

Let's face it, a resume or application can tell you if the applicant has held a job. But it can't tell you if the person was good at the job. Plus, whenever you're hiring an experienced person, you're not only hiring the skills they've learned, you're hiring their bad habits as well - another hidden cost that lowers your return on investment.

Given the reality of the business world, it's sometimes necessary to hire someone because you need a "warm body". You have to accept that fact. But you don't have to accept that it's inevitable that it's "just the cost of doing business". Go ahead and hire that warm body. But.... be proactive. Start looking for their replacement today. Because you know you'll have to replace them soon. Instead of accepting that you'll be wasting your time continuously hiring replacements, focus on how spending a little time now will boost your return on investment.

Don't be locked into accepting just anyone.

Use a scientifically proven method of hiring the best people to help grow your business. Be proactive.... Boost your return on investment.... Lower your turnover costs.

  • Help your managers make better hiring decisions faster.
  • Reduce turnover, saving you thousands of dollars per hire.
  • Have your units run more efficiently.

Improve Your Return on Investment Today!

  • No complicated software to learn.
  • Assessments returned in minutes by email or log into your account.
  • Guaranteed private. 100% secure.
  • No credit card required to start, no obligation to continue - cancel at any time.

* WORC - Independent research by the Waterloo Organizational Research and Consulting (WORC) Group at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada — recognized worldwide for their research in organizational excellence - has shown that the QSR Performance Assessor is accurate 90%+ of the time when predicting which candidate will perform in the top 25% of QSR employees.

The QSR Performance Assessor could the best investment you've ever made. Don't wait another minute to put it to work for you. Just give us a call at 800-719-9993 or 416-201-0202 or click here to schedule a FREE consultation today.