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Published at 2019, October 11
Have you ever been stung by a franchisee that blames you for their lack of sales? Or, for that matter, anything that goes wrong with their business?

Or maybe they blame their lack of sales on the economy even though it’s booming right now?

Maybe you cringe at the thought that you'll have to add another step into your franchisee selection system to stop getting franchisees like this into your system.

The great thing is that you probably already have everything in place.

Working with this method, you’ll get a better understanding of your franchise candidates without adding more steps to your selection process. And it’s free.

This video will show you an easy way to help you avoid the “blamers” in your system.

Visit our website at: https://dynamicperformancesystems.com/is-your-franchise-system-experiencing-growing-pains/